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Clock & Sync


MC-2 is a high-performance digital audio signal and reference sync signal distribution amplifier and format converter for AES/EBU and AES/EBU ID signals. AES/EBU and AES/EBU ID interfaces in one box Supports all audio-related clock rates between 32 kHz and 192 kHz All interfaces meet the specifications of the according AES + AES ID standards Signal improvement by low-jitter PLLs Converting from AES3 to AES11 Detects and monitors all studio sampling rates between 32 kHz and 192 kHz Reference pass functionality Input lock detection Simple user interface Built-in international power supply Applications AES/EBU and AES/EBU ID reference signal distribution AES/EBU and AES/EBU ID digital audio signal distribution Reference signal and digital audio signal refreshing Signal conversion between AES/EBU and AES/EBU ID AES3 to AES11 conversion Clock rate indication of AES/EBU and AES/EBU ID signals Line extension for e.g.
theater or broadcast installations Output expansion for e.g.
MUTEC's iClock, iClockdp, iD, iDdp, MC-3, MC-3.1 and MC-3.2 and other clock generators

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