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Clock & Sync

MC-3.2 Smart Clock HD

The MC-3 Smart Clocks are universal, digital audio and SD/HD video sync reference clock generators. Improvement of the studio’s sound quality overall Elimination of “Clicks and Pops” in digital audio recordings Synchronization of devices with different clock rates simultaneously Generation of 7 lowest jitter basis Word Clock frequencies ranging from 32.0 kHz up to 192.0 kHz Word Clock outputs can be multiplied with factors x1, x2, x4 and x256 for a total of 15 different Word Clock frequencies Frequency accuracy in compliance with AES11, Grade 1 Generation of PAL/NTSC + NTSC b/w SD video sync signals as Black + Burst, composite sync or color bar with MC-3.1 Smart Clock SD Phase-synchronized generation of S/PDIF and AES/EBU blank frames All adjustments are retained after power-down Simple, new user interface Built-in international power supply Applications A/V synchronization Low-jitter clock supply for entire studio Acoustical improvement of AD/DA converters Elimination of »clicks and pops« in audio recordings Stellate clock signal supply Multiple clock rate synchronization Film, video and audio transfers

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