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Categoria: Clock & Sync
Produttore: Mutec
SKU: 801590

Digital Multichannel Audio Format e 8-channel Sampling Rate Converter - AES3/11 in AES3/11id, 16-24Bit/32-192kHz

Convert AES3 to AES3id (MC-8), or vice versa (MC-8.1), on 8 channels Work also as signal splitter or distributor Sampling rate conversions between 32.0 kHz and 192.0 kHz Extract and re-generates clock signals out of digital audio signals Improve audio quality of connected devices Accept all Word Clock and AES11 clock references from 32.0 kHz to 192.0 kHz Separate AES11 reference clock input Various options for external synchronization Protect from reference signal dropouts and losses Supply interruption-free audio output signals in SRC mode Internal low-jitter reference clock (< 1 ppm), aligned to AES11, Grade 1 Easy to configure User settings will be stored in FLASH memory after switching-off Rack space saving ½ 19" case allowing for mounting two devices side by side in one rack unit Built-in international power supply Applications Interconnection of AES3 and AES3id based devices Integration of non-synchronizable devices into digital studio environments Sound improvement of digital audio devices Audiophil clock recovery and regeneration Line extension for e.
theatre or broadcast installations Usable in space-limited environments, like transmission trucks Usable within small studio set-ups up to broadcast installations

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